Software Business Solutions offers packaged systems as a convenience to our customers. When opening a new store, installing software for the first time or converting from an existing outdated system, you may need assistance in choosing the best hardware and software configuration for your individual circumstances. If you are replacing an existing system, you may be faced with the issue of data conversion.

SBS offers packaged solutions at competitive prices to ease the transition to automated systems. Packaged solutions begin at $2500 and include the following hardware, software and services.

Packaged Solutions
  Computer Hardware  
  PC with a minimum of:  
  80 GB Hard Drive  
  512 MB Memory  
  CD R/W  

Pentium 4 Processor

  17" Flat Panel Monitor  
  Receipt Printer  

Star SP500 Receipt Printer

  Cash Drawer  
  Logic Control Cash Drawer  
  Dealer Assistant Full Function  
  Computer Startup  
  Software Installation  

Additional services will be quoted at competitive rates as required.